Pond Size

To figure out the surfare area of your pond muliply the average width by the average length. This gives you the surface area in square feet.

To find out how many gallons of water is in your pond use the average length multiplied by the average width multiplied by the average depth in feet. This gives use the volume in cubic feet. Then multiply this figure, by 7.5 (the number of gallons in a cubic foot) to get the total volume in gallons.
(example average length 10ft, average width 4ft, average depth 2ft. 10x4x2x7.5=600gallons)

If it is a round pond you would multiply the diameter by diameter, multiplied by the average depth, then multiply by 5.9 to get the total volume in gallons.
(example 10ft diameter, average depth 3ft. 10x10x3x5.9=1770gallons)

If you have a pond that is sloped from one end to the other, use the average depth. Example: Your pond is 2 foot deep at the shallow end and 5 foot deep at the deep end; you would add 2+5=7 and divide by 2 witch would give you the average of 3.5

Square/Rectangular Ponds Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 ( ______ ' x ______ ' x ______ ' x 7.5 ) = ________ gallons
Remember to use the average length, width and depth. If your ponds not a perfect square/rectangle

Round Ponds

Diameter x Diameter x Depth x 5.9 ( ______ ' x ______ ' x ______ ' x 5.9 ) = ________ gallons

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