Things you will need

I know you've heard this before (if you read the other pages) but please read on.
Before you get started on your pond or water garden plan everything out. I can't emphasize that enough or you will be doing things more then once.

How much are you willing to spend on your pond or water garden?

The easiest way to put in a pond or water garden is to simply buy a pond kit that comes with everything you need.
But that may not be the most cost effective way!
Building a pond and water feature doesn't have to cost a lot if you are willing to do the work yourself.


You need to clear a spot for your pond or water garden, Once again you can do this yourself or hire someone to do the work. If you plan to do a big pond such as ours consider renting a backhoe, they are not that hard to operate and the rental guys will tell you what lever does what before leaving you alone. The cost to rent a backhoe for the day is far cheaper then hiring that other guy. Keep in mind that if you're going make a large pond you'll need room for your pump and filter also. For more information please see our page on Picking your ponds location.


You need to buy a liner. Rubber liners can be very expensive. Consider using a double layer of 6 mil black plastic. A 20' x 100' roll cost around $100. Make sure you use black. (If you use clear sunshine could make unwanted things start growing under and threw your liner.)


You need a pump, sorry but there is no cheap way out of a pump. You get what you pay for. (You buy cheap, you'll probably be replacing it within a year.) There are submersible pumps, submersible pumps are susceptible to sucking up things that can ruin them, thats why I suggest a pump that can sit on the ground. They are much easier to work on if needed. Make sure you get a pump that is rated for 24/7 use.
(A pump not rated for 27/7 use will simply burn itself out.)


You can either buy or make a filter. If your pond is small you may want to just buy one. If you make a large pond, the filters are going to get real expensive. You may also find that they don't make one big enough for your pond. If you choose to make a filter, make sure you read the section on filters types and sizing for some ideas.

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